Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Fucked in the Ass

After sucking him off we went into his bed room to fuck properly. I made sure i was dressed as sexy and slutty as possible in my fishnets and heels. I bent over the bed for him and he lubed my ass. i loved the feeling of his finger sliding in and out of my hole.

Slowly he started pushing his cock into my ass, i felt it stretching and forcing its way in. initially it was hurting badly as i wasn't used to having my ass filled so i had to pull out, but he was patient with me and we had another go. gradually i got more and more used to it and got into a rhythm as he fucked me.

It was still a little uncomfortable and not necessarly a pleasent experience, but the important thing was pleasuring my guys cock and not myself. Still, after a few minutes of fucking that way i had him lie down on the bed. I'd seen several videos of girls lowering themself on to a cock and bouncing up and down with their little clittys bouncing. i copied what i'd seen and found that this feeled so good.

I wish i could have seen a mirror of what was happening, a cute lil tgurl bouncing on a nice fat cock. yum! i felt so good that i started to rub my clitty and after a few minutes i came from the ass fucking. i was so happy, i felt like i was well on my way to becoming a slut.



  1. bet it felt really nice once you relaxed

  2. congratulations!! look at you on your way to sluttown ;)

  3. I'm glad I found your blog. It appears you are on your way to becoming exacty what you want to be. I look forward to more stories...