Friday, 3 July 2009

Cum on my Face

Recently I have been talking to quite a few people in and around Manchester and been trying to arrange a meet. It seems like there is no shortage of people who want to fuck me, however I'm never quite sure how serious they are. Quite a few have insisted that we meet up and when I ask them to confirm in the morning of the day they seem to "oversleep". Anyway, yesterday I arranged to meet someone and I wasn't disappointed.

I'd been talking to this one guy recently who seemed perfect, he was nice and reasonably good looking, my age but a little nervous. I felt this was kind of a good thing because I felt I could largely be in control. We met at the train station and then went back to his place where I changed. We sat and chatted for a while and I had a couple of drinks of wine. I tried to move the conversation around to talking about sex but he seemed a little shy and I get the feeling I was going to have to be more proactive if I was going to get fucked.

In the end I decided I was going to have to be more direct and asked if he would have liked me to suck his cock. He seemed a bit taken aback but fortunately I'd had enough wine and so slide down to my knees in front of him and started to undo his trousers. I side them off followed by his boxer shorts and found myself confronted by quite a large pleasant looking cock. I'd never actually sucked a mans cock before (just a dildo/strap on) just put my head down and started sucking.

The cock felt really good in my mouth, I licked and sucked it and jacked it off with my hand. I wanted cum so much. I tried to bring him to cum but in the end let him jack off, i opened my mouth and closed my eyes just like I'd seen the the videos I'd watched and soon felt sweet cum hitting my face. I swallowed down what fell in my mouth and was surprisingly happy with the taste. I've wanted to be a cum guzzling whore but until now I wasn't sure that I'd actually like cum, so I was happy that I had the potentital.

I looked up at him and asked how I looked. "slutty" he replied. That made me happy.


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  1. You sound like me when I started dressing and was looking for men to play with. Nicely written sweetie.