Sunday, 7 June 2009

Training Begins

I've been talking for a while to this guy down in London. He's really hot and when we chat I get so horny. I love the dirty slutty things we talk about and find myself wanting to be his fuck toy more and more. Today we agreed to take things further. I honestly feel that my corruption began today.

My Daddy is a sexy sadistic Dom who is going to fuck with my head over the next weeks and months and gradually brain wash me on a daily basis and make me more and more his fuck pet. Hopefully given his guidance I'll lose my sense of self and become a whore for him and is friends to fuck and use.

I've done a bit of hypnosis before and Daddy is working on a conditioning programme for me to do daily that will re-enforce my need and desire for cock and gradually wilt away my intelligence so that I become nothing more then a dumb little sex pet responding to his back and call and relying on him for everything. So hot!

Oh, and he also gave me a new name today too. Love you all xxx



  1. You are such a lovely gurl and you have a beautiful clit. I'd love to tongue it and bring you to orgasm.

  2. I hope you get everything you wish for from this adventure ;)

  3. babes: another person u could talk to is thepurpleprofessor - you can find Him on flickr. mel xxx