Monday, 22 June 2009

My First Ass Fucking

I've been trying to find somone to sex me for a while now. I joined craiglist and made posts on other sites too but the problem is that i'm quite shy and don't really feel comfortable meeting up with people I don't know very well for sex. Kinda a problem for a wanna-be slut like me eh? I really need to be friends with somone a little even before I let them casually fuck me.

Fortunatly for me I made a friend recently who enjoys sex. she's also a girl which made it a bit less of a jump as i'm still not too comfortable around guys. Again, kinda strange considering the amount of time I spending thinking about cock. This friend had some toys which included a stap on so one night after an event we went to we ended up fucking.

My ass is really tight and it was quite painful when the angle wasn't right. but when we got into a rythm it was great. I loved the feeling of having a cock deep in my ass and enjoyed practicing sucking it before hand. the only bad thing was that becuase it was a strap on she wasn't getting any pleasure from it. i really like the idea of pleasing cock so i need to find a nice guy to be friends with an become fuck buddies.

so come on guys, if your think you're cute, are local to manchester or can get there) and are sweet message me and maybe you can help me get more ass fucking.

love chantelle

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Training Begins

I've been talking for a while to this guy down in London. He's really hot and when we chat I get so horny. I love the dirty slutty things we talk about and find myself wanting to be his fuck toy more and more. Today we agreed to take things further. I honestly feel that my corruption began today.

My Daddy is a sexy sadistic Dom who is going to fuck with my head over the next weeks and months and gradually brain wash me on a daily basis and make me more and more his fuck pet. Hopefully given his guidance I'll lose my sense of self and become a whore for him and is friends to fuck and use.

I've done a bit of hypnosis before and Daddy is working on a conditioning programme for me to do daily that will re-enforce my need and desire for cock and gradually wilt away my intelligence so that I become nothing more then a dumb little sex pet responding to his back and call and relying on him for everything. So hot!

Oh, and he also gave me a new name today too. Love you all xxx